The “why are we different” musical bedtime song. (E, A, D)

Mommy? Why am I different? Not same sex, color, or creed? Why are we raised different, without unity? Because we are born different It is ours to be Sharing a blessing from our perspective This is why God made you and me But mommy? Why should I be different? That's how they make judgement of … Continue reading The “why are we different” musical bedtime song. (E, A, D)


God forgive me The lesser Sailing through the sea Stars direction find A cherubim placed to guide A way back To blessing The flaming circle To daft to tell Guide us all Away from hell Conscience lessons Take the will In history Spin the wheel To the human I appeal Are you not learning Still


"The whole world will be deceived" They know how to push me They know how to push you They know how to suppress They know how to control Willing to separate upon... Psychology, biology Basic behaviorism and ideology We fall for it every time Can we even believe ourselves anymore Or did they take our … Continue reading They