Getting Political (the kids say “trigger warning”)

Forced positions Prosper none It is easy to march Harder to run What is the rational position For the whole, not the sum .... I am having a hard time reconciling While the net good for our citizens is obvious We have no wall I'm not saying I'm right I'm asking ya'll .... No opposition … Continue reading Getting Political (the kids say “trigger warning”)

Let’s Not Go To Far (but you know I will)

Regarding freedom of speech I would like to say something to the boundary of social acceptance (only to celebrate my freedom to do so) But of course it is dangerous to misrepresent yourself And those without respect to right Will suppress with violence (And in many places policy) . Conversation and civility Are among histories … Continue reading Let’s Not Go To Far (but you know I will)

Bad Person (My Privilege Made Me Do It)

How my ideas are so easily swayed Media input and poor cognition Making light of very harmful subjects I hold to individualism Having a poor understanding of others experience Made me color blind Ignorant of the leftovers of systemic oppression I hold to ideals of freedom Growing up far from history, and the south I … Continue reading Bad Person (My Privilege Made Me Do It)