Songs of Inexperience


Fearful of your sexuality

I cannot attract you

I will never know,

….but always long for,

……..your experience

[the “…..” is only there because the editor would not allow for offsetting with blank space]


From what I understand

Beauty deals with all types of manipulation

All types of pain

Still, I desire your adventure


The only hope

To kill my long solitude

Is your understanding


Some people have pain associated with their being attractive

Others have pain from not being desired

Will you search your heart, and judge me attractive

Will you search your soul, and hurt no one any longer

All that needs to be said is:

Love is painful when forced, but heals when reciprocated


What is it, in this lonely fate?

I spy with dry eyes

(which should be drenched in sorrowful songs of mourning)

Never towing the line

toward anothers destiny

What is it?

It must be, the absence of you

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