Let’s Not Go To Far (but you know I will)

Regarding freedom of speech

I would like to say something to the boundary of social acceptance

(only to celebrate my freedom to do so)

But of course it is dangerous to misrepresent yourself

And those without respect to right

Will suppress with violence

(And in many places policy)


Conversation and civility

Are among histories greatest achievements

Do not agree blindly with a mob

Do not always agree with yourself

Hear the resisters cry, as an opportunity to expand your understanding

If the dialogue is deemed unacceptable, present your arguments

And participate in the union of citizenship


“De-platforming” is a term I just learned

And from what I understand, people do that, when they are worried someone will have an effective message

Do not fear the ignorant message!

Fear the silencer of messages!

Censorship is not compatible with freedom

And will never allow for any consensus of collective ideals


If you do not like what someone has to say

Shutting them down, strengthens their position, and possibly their resistance to reason

Listening to them, gives you information

Knowledge gives you the ability to inform

Do not be unprepared, And harbor no presupposition

Defend yourself and understand your virtue


God bless those struggling to obtain basic rights

God bless all those, protecting and promoting, freedom and prosperity throughout the world

And God bless America

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