Bad Person (My Privilege Made Me Do It)

How my ideas are so easily swayed

Media input and poor cognition

Making light of very harmful subjects

I hold to individualism

Having a poor understanding of others experience

Made me color blind

Ignorant of the leftovers of systemic oppression

I hold to ideals of freedom

Growing up far from history, and the south

I am a bad person

Because I do not understand you


This is my privilege:

1. I am only concerned with my particular issues, because I am ignorant of others values and histories.

2. I have no experience with other factions and cultures within my country; unless you count popular media outlets, which I find hard to believe are representative of individual citizens values. (I, for example, have never felt accurately represented)

3. I have a hard time sticking to the rhetoric of the past. I seem to steer discussions towards class and individuals decisions; not racism/sexism. Again, because it is an issue I have no first hand experience with.

4. I do not believe I can save anybody, but I do not impede anyone’s pursuits. (Although I will openly compete with anybody, regardless of race/sex, to secure my own livelihood.)

Please do not hate me, I am only stating my own ignorance in an attempt to reconcile my views with others. I prefer to be honest with myself. And to be honest with you, I do this blog for me. Thank you for your patience while I grow and learn.

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