Getting Political (the kids say “trigger warning”)

Forced positions

Prosper none

It is easy to march

Harder to run

What is the rational position

For the whole, not the sum


I am having a hard time reconciling

While the net good for our citizens is obvious

We have no wall

I’m not saying I’m right

I’m asking ya’ll


No opposition in the legislature is proposing a bill

To streamline the process of citizenship, and strengthen our borders

So many opposed

Offering no solution at all

What exactly is immoral about a wall?


Maybe I am awful

For wanting the safety of Americans

Not seeking to violate human rights

We need to express our rights first!

It is the IDEAL of citizenship to do so


True examples of freedom make history

This could be a proud monument of our Republic

Not a smear campaign

People seem to be making light of the word



I have heard the position of using drones and surveillance

It is rejected as a sole solution on many grounds

Deployment, monumental costs, higher maintenance, etcetera

It is a flawed solution, but should be implemented along side a barrier

I am willing to be wrong


Please let me know your solution

And please do not censor me

Or accuse me of crazy things

This isn’t about President Elect Trump

It is about America

Thank you for your patience and your candor

Citizen, United States of America

(P.S. background checks for guns passed through the house today. [H.R.8] Guns go across borders, and many murders are committed in direct relationship to illegal border crossings. Why can’t we get background checks on people entering our country?)

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