What makes a poem Good?

Typing for the sake of blogging

Robbing time of dignity

Why are the choices I’m making

All in the air I breathe

How is expressing

what I need


How is expressing what I need, indeed,

I love poetry, but I know my limitations. I know that I enjoy my own poetry, but who doesn’t like ego? After writing in private for many years, I have come to ask myself, what makes a poem good?

I assume the consensus out there is, “the audience is number one,” and I would agree with that. That is why I focus on what I CAN express, what is healthy and good, only for the sake of doing it. Do I really know what makes a good poem? No. But I know what I like to read, and I know what I like to write. That is why I am writing this blogpost now.

I would like to know what you like to read and write. I would like to ask you, what don’t you like? To be a writer in the public eye, I need to build off of whatever public I can find; So I look forward to seeing your blog posts over the coming weeks.

Farewell random strangers

One thought on “What makes a poem Good?

  1. I’ve found, that of the poems I show to my friends, the ones that get the best reaction are the ones I wrote without thinking about their reaction. Then again, sometimes they don’t ‘get’ them at all. So I don’t really know what makes a good poem either!

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