Mah mah mah mah, my persona

The problem with a persona like mine is, I speak my mind and my perceptions, but I have no understanding of how I relate to others. Am I good? Or, bad? Or, middling? I guess it irks me that I cannot tell on my own; that it is up to you, how you judge me. Likewise, how I judge myself relative to you. Society is a foreign land, I do what I do where I do because I want to exist. Does that make me right? Or, wrong? I terrify myself with such questions. People around me seem to have it figured out though. Or, I hope they do. I hope you do. Because the problem with a persona like mine is, even when it is not apparent, I care.

Mah Mah Mah Mah, my persona

I care, like a bear stare, from back in the 80’s

television generation, wuz razed there

now unaware, of how people care

or showcase the right price

advertising fills the dark of night

pop songs, the mind recites

I know I’m there somewhere

behind the glowing light

Creating something, that is nothing

Amid infinity


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