Six Sided Writers Thing

I think I’m just going to write this page about stuff and things. Maybe stuff and things is cool. Maybe not. It would be great to be recognized as an artist. “What did he do,” they’ll say. “He did stuff and things,” they’ll say. That’s the ticket. Just rambling about, trying to find the thought that launches a spark of creative expression.

…Nope, nothing yet, but keep trying dude. You almost have enough to write about some person trying to write, oh wait a minute? That’s you! HA HA HA HA HA. You got six sided writers thing. What is it? Never mind.

Maybe you could try to write something like, “Mr. Snugglebutt Takes A Nap,” ha ha, then make him put it back!! Ha ha ha.

Maybe, maybe, you could write about a dream! Totally! Like a totemic shamanistic thing, that only you experience but never tell, but then you tell; and it has a twisty plot line, that makes it the person your tellings vision all along! Ooooooooooooo!!! And as the vision itself, you feel utterly robbed of being real, so you become a nightmare in order to prolong your existence. But the story is funny, because it draws some kinda philosophical whoo-ha about a vision being as much a thing as a being. BLAMBO, the trippers come out of the wood works, and no-one knows what’s real anymore.


Yeah, if only.

Leave that to Authors

Dang’d ol’ six sided writers thing.

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