Excerpt: Rads Day Away

The Mountains ranges surrounded them, jutting up out of the ocean. A glint of sunlight reflected off of the green water, causing Rad to squint, beckoning his hand to protect his face. He could feel the spray of the water touch his cheeks, and the burning sensation of the cold wind. The waves were getting rougher. He crossed to the front of the boat, in an attempt to weigh it down, but his effort was to no avail. The incessant battering against the wake forced the captain to relieve the throttle. “Will we make it back?” Rad yelled over the sound of the motor. “Should be able to!” The captain hollered back, “This is the choppiest part of the fjord! As long a we head back through here within twenty minutes, we should be fine!” Rad could barely hear the captain, but showed his understanding with a nod. They kept on, swaying and bashing their way through the coming waves, almost rhythmically, until they rounded the next mountain and could see their destination.

The waters were calm as they approached the marina. Dr. Gal was already there gathering up her belongings. “hellooo!” She called, as they idled to the dock, “fancy a beer?” The captain, who was also her lover, replied, “we can try to down em before we get around the point, but if we don’t go now, we may be staying here.” “Let’s go then,” she said, while silmotaniously handing Rad a beer, hopping in the boat, and giving the captain a smooch; it seemed an effortless motion, like she was a living dance. She dawned her earmuffs, looked over at Rad, and said pointedly, “what are you doing here anyway?” Rad, looked to his feet, almost like he was looking for an excuse, “Well, the captain here, he showed up at my door, skiff in tow. An’ I wasn’t doin nothin’ no how, so I figured, I.. I may as well come along for the ride.” “Good!” she said, almost too assertively, “you need to get away more often, even for short trips like this. When was the last time you were more than a few miles from home?” “Three yea…” Rad started to reply, just as they were getting away from the dock; the engine whirr deafening the space for conversation.

Rounding the mountain back the way they came, the seas began to pick up again. The boat trudged on while they laughed, trying to drink their beers between the slamming waves. And, after a time, they arrived in smoother waters. The captain applied the throttle, raising the boat on plane, and they quickly made thier way to harbor. There Rad bid Dr. Gal and the Captain farewell, and traveled back to his wood. Where he ate some halibut, drank a couple dark beers, sang a tragic song, and slept the night soundly; with the essence of adventure in his soul.


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