Excerpt: Strange Days

“Strange days.” He said with a drawl. He was looking out to sea. The picturesque mountains before him dwarfing the fjord. “Everyone had something strange going on today. It’s just one of those days I guess.” He smiled.

Picking up a heavy stone, he heaved it into the water. “KER-SPLOOSH!” The stone sounded, as the mass penatrated the surface of the liquid. They loved that noise, and the feelings the action inspired.

“Tonight a missionary is speaking up the way. If the tides are right, we should go.” She said, feeling a bit self conscious.

She was always looking to the spiritual, and he knew why. Their minds were alike, constantly consumed by thoughts of deep causes and their own habituation.

“We are people like he is people, honey. If we don’t know the divine by now, can we ever?” His skepticism was evident.

“Wouldn’t you at least like to see if the man is flawed?” She said playfully, knowing how to manipulate his curiosities.

“You know I would love to see a Holy Man, more than anything, but do you truely think one can exist in this age? I hope they can.” He sighed as he spoke that last part, disturbed with his own lack of faith. “Ok, lets go.” He acquiesced.

“I’ll go check the tide table!” She said, perking up and bubbling off to the cabin.


Stranger days may be known

No home for the mind that roams

Every action a thought you had

With the fruit, we judge, good and bad

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