Jest Sayin’; a rant. (Probably best to avoid this one)

This doesn’t make much sense, but I am documenting it anyway.

(Thanks if your actually reading)


When it comes to truth; there is, in my opinion, a duality.

Subjective, and how dare I not agree with you.

Objective, and far beyond any human understanding.

I (not being perfect, as far as I know.) live in the subjective singularity;

Where dwell all humans, greater or lesser.

This is just my opinion :p

Recalling a memory, from when I was a 20 year old idealist:

I read the Tao Te Ching, of some translation or another.

I was astounded to find this book claimed that

From the greatest abstract we cannot imagine, “Nothing,”

A single thing occurred.

But there could not be one, without another.

And another could not exist, without something to separate them.

On this basis, all things came to be.

But this is a fun memory,

Of physics and mysticism.

Who knows the truth?

There is none,

But the Objective.

And, in my opinion, what is objective takes no sides.

“No sides” destroys our version of truth,

Our right and wrong,

Making politics an endless hassle.

Jest sayin’

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