Thought Nugget (not the truth, but a propaganda piece)

The legislator ignores the best interest of the people

Giving contracts at 8 to 12 times actual cost

Frivolous favors, bankrupting our governments

Hashtag, corporations are people too

(“Insurance industry,” holds your clue)

Aiding the theft of tax revenue

Who writes the bills

The bills that print bills

Lining particular pockets

All dollars in reserve

The President? Absurd

“We the people,” let run the Bull

Heeding an ancient lie

Living for master’s Gold


(International affairs, infrastructure, economies, and human rights are complex issues. By no means do I have special knowledge of these issues. Nor do I intend to harm, or insult, any persons involved in them. This is a viewpoint piece, based on particular opinions in the media and education systems today. Thank you to all who have served their country, and their planet, with honor.)

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