Absolute Rant (Soon I Will Be Hated. Then deleted)

[I made the mistake of turning on the radio during the news this morning. I usually avoid the news because I am far to sensitive and analytical. I do not propose to have any understanding of big issues, and do not think my writing is “right” or “good,” it is only reactionary. And this is how I reacted (not re-written or edited, please forgive that)]


40 years ago someone did something stupid

(that harmed nothing, but feelings)

Lets not move on, or find any current actions of actual wrongdoing

Lets not let them have experiences to grow from

Lets not forgive, or listen

Lets just crucify them

Is this progress America?


I am ready to give up on politics

Appearing to only be driven by hate or revenge


No one appearing to think or listen

“We have been the oppressed, so we should oppress”

“We know best”

Is this progress America?


The right hates me, for wanting to change the system

The left hates me, for holding them to their same standards

They are correct, I am an awful person (based on sex, ethnicity, and individuality)

So I will hide another 9 years in my cabin (like the last 9)

Seeing the liberals again, when they hunt me down to lynch me, in the name of equality

Is this progress America?


Our country use to hold the ideal of equal representation

Whether or not we agreed

But now we represent only opinions with which the majority agrees

Supporting any lynch mob, as long as it meets the “liberal” standard

Is this progress America?


…Seems like more of the same

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