Free Writing (Sitting with my thoughts, looking for a poem.)

Is it depression

To feel unforgivable

To carry the weight of wrong…

Is it confession

To want to cry


I can not contain my fear

The world is big

Trouble near…

The peaceful path is clear

What is done with power

Will we survive beyond the hour

I am outside the actions of others

But by their consequences, I’m smothered…

And I act in ignorance too

What’s a human to do?

The old vinyl played

“So I leave it up to you”

Marking an era through

Ten years after, I was born

Green pill in my gut because I wouldn’t conform

Public education taken by storm

Kicked out quick as a tornado

I read, watched, and played though

We hurt because hurt exists

Can society conquer this

If I made problems, I apologize

I seek for the Truth, when I see it, I will recognize

No one has knowledge beyond another’s eyes

And all I’ve expressed may be lies

Who are we anyway

The con has marked me, easy prey

It’s ok

I don’t have anything of value

And the rhyming is driving me crazy, what is up with this rambling! It is so depressing. I’m done with this, title Free Write, posted, done.

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