I May Not Be Mr. Right (rambling, unedited)

On Friday I went gold panning. When I got back to town my phone began buzzing with texts. All of the messages were saying to come to a friends house to hang before he leaves fishing for the season. So I go there, drink a beer; body dead from labor, I lounge. As I was sitting there, I overheard these lady’s having a conversation about finding a man. “The odds are good but the goods are odd,” is the gist of there conversation. As I’m listening, I begin to agree, after all I have plenty of defects, I get it. After about 15minutes of the same complaint, I start to think, “what makes these gals so damn special? They have lived in town for about a month, what the fuck is this? Are we supposed to line up and be ready to go until you are bored or angry, or until you leave come winter.” I think you can tell I got a little hot. I always figured you work at a relationship, and sometimes you hate each other in a relationship, but what makes it a relationship is you stick through it until you fall back in love again; because you are committed. So yeah, I have my issues, I may not be Mr. Right, but to be honest, they are probably just horny and mad that the guys they know don’t sleep around. I’m not really sure, I just wanted to ramble about what was on my mind. Be well.

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