”…A Giant Jerk I Am”

I have talked about being a hypocrite before

But today is the day I blew my own mind

A “hypocrisy bomb,” if you will

You see I thought about environmentalism

About how everything I do is contributing pollution

How I always yack yack yack about this mine, or that plant

But I’ve done nothing to stop anything

I have my electricity, my cell phone, my car

I take planes, and order this gizmo, or that do-dad

How could I possibly be taken serious

I say, “no mine! It will kill the fish!”

I say it from my keyboard!

I astonish myself, when I think about what a giant jerk I am

So yeah, I want to save the world, at least I feel like I do

But my actions speak louder than my protest


I am off on a jet to my next demonstration

See you there hippies ;p

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