Shrouded in the mist

It’s the simple things

They say

I worry to much

About love having a way

I wish I were brilliant

And able to speak soft

As I deal with my failings

I have noble thoughts

Never do I speak right

But there is something that needs said

I don’t know why my thinking

Leads me to believe I need to be well read

Why if it was written already

Is there not a peaceful world tonight

Is it of ones own making

The fight of wrong and right

If you knew all that was

There would be nothing to say

Or maybe since I don’t know

I am wrong

More of the same old same

I talk a lot about what I don’t know

My beliefs are filled with trash

Full of fear, year to year

Waiting for a blast

I thought I was smart when

A pawn in a bigger game

No peace on the board

We are ignored

For lust and greed and gain

But hope is a thing

And things exist

So a logical possibility

Is shrouded in the mist

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