Two Witnesses

Two unlikely suspects

Woke me up from digital slumber

What now with this reality?

Where shall I place my limbs

To enact a life worth living


I struggle with apathy

Though it be a crawdad trap

Attempt to muster intelligence

But as I write, I find myself in the same place

Remember being 22 ?


I have survived

On intent to derive meaning

But to the world I am nothing

We can’t all be Jackie Robinson


I remember why I fell asleep

In videos, and games

It is because of my feet

They have nowhere to take me


Two young and beautiful witnesses

Knocked at my door

Marketing positivity with sex; it’s genius!

It even made me ponder purpose



Sadly though

A drop amongst the rivers flow

Cannot choose for itself

To maintain the rivers health

What then would a drop be

With a sense of “me”

Frozen in the expanse of space

Not knowing it is the tear on my face


What am I?

A tear created from anguish

Am I bound to the laws of my creation

Forever feeling until I evaporate

Or am wiped away


Why write at all?

I hope better for you,

My darlings

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