To my Atheist & Religious friends:

In the following poem I use the term “God.”

This work is inspired by religious concepts, but is art relevant to all.

Thank you for your acceptance


It’s all about fruit

The curses of all

Power reaches for the second

Masses fodder to fall

The pillar of light

Quoted in an ancient past

Is not for the immoral

But only they take the task

“Lest ye take”

Does not mean one should

In the first curse is an answer

If you do it, don’t proclaim it good

Selfish ambition

Chose King before God

Therefore ALL battles

Are a worldly cause

Curses upon curses

Slaves of work and birth

Claiming to be sovereigns

Forsaking the role as stewards

To Gods given Earth

Curses cause curses

We learn of God from man

Claims to “just” and “right”

The catalyst of curse; understand?

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