Black? (Thoughts In My Bubble)

This one will get me in trouble, surely, but I don’t back down from tough questions on the basis of faux pas. And, I’m always willing to be wrong; I’m learning.

I write this after a bout of research into the antebellum south; Jim Crowe; and, more specifically, the one drop rule.

I never finished high school, or attended university, so I can be misguided in my understanding of things. If anyone asks me to remove this post, I will comply immediately; (I care about your feelings) although, I do not believe we can traverse, if we don’t converse.


Barrack Obama*


One drop rule, huh

I must be racist

Because I’m bound to define you

When we should define ourselves

Individuals of our own merits

*(I only use this persons name because it is common knowledge that his father is black and his mother is white. This is not a commentary on him specifically)

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