Am I A Ghost? (Unedited first draft, but I’m moving on)

Am I a ghost?

Who checks

The checkers

Where is the truth

Ten feet underground

Surrounded by oppressors

Who proclaim the fight for freedom

Am I a ghost?

Not yet, my life

In fear of ‘heroes’

Heroes knocking, calling

“Who will let us in?”

“We will kill your opposition”

“And after murder, we will be just”

(Whispering, “As far as you know”)

Who checks the checkers?

The villains, I dare say

A true hero wouldn’t upend you

Or push concerns away

As long as as the villain lives

We can rest assured we are free

But they are coming for us

The heroes that used to be

We will hear the trumpet

In the name of “all that’s just”

“Someone similar to the them”

“They are not of us”

Am I a ghost?

A remnant of critical man

Why is my opposition

Injustice in your hand

I am scared of heroes

The subtle diggers of graves

Killing for their justice

Making of all, Freedoms Slaves

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