I read an article from the Washington Post. It was an opinion piece by a gal named Julia Azari, who is an Assistant Professor of Political Science at Marquette University. Like many things I read, I began to question the ideas to further inform myself. I am not writing this to say that her ideas are good or bad, I am pointing to something else.

When I first referred to this article the title was, “Its time to give the elites a bigger say in choosing the president.” After moving to different websites to look into the ideas presented, I came back to the article and the title was changed. The current title is, “It’s time to switch to preference primaries.”

My question is, how often is the record changed? Not just titles, but content? What about retractions? Are these sources making a public note to inform those they misinformed? Can we access the articles in their original form?

We should be asking these questions, and more. Thank you for your time.

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