Fearnado, scenes

How are we not all terrified

Who is the arbiter of good

Have you seen how they paint?

I’m crapping my pants here

I am a fool to think

What I think matters

Big guns keep me up at night

All I’ve done is exist

And they judge

When I was a child I had to sit in the corner

And think about what I’d done

No new change

I still seek what is Truth and Good

I still get it wrong

I am scared

Does righteousness bind?

Who is innocent?

I am scared to die Jim

Not much scares me, but that, that does.

“Yeah,” drawled Jim

Within the grand expanse of the cosmos

A still night

Overcome with anticipatory tension

So I says to the guy, I says,

People cannot even agree about simple rules and concepts from thousands of years ago. Yet here they are making all kinds of laws and rules, the dumb asses don’t even know how to treat one another…

So he says to me, he says, this guy, I tell ya, he says,

It ain’t the people, the people are just there to suffer, you ever see them actually stop the bad guys?

So I says,

We sure could use a hero.

[enter laughtrack]

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