Rural Isolation

You know

I was raised in a Christian culture

Never really considered myself it

(Recently at least)

But there are times

You want appeal

But then you choke

Because you see how small you are

And how great is God?

I’m not even sure if what I think of isn’t just flawed ideas

I make for a poor atheist

But who else would be looking?

Confidence is the destroyer of curiosity

I just like that one part

Love God

Treat others better

Everything else is rulers bustling about

May they be wise

You don’t think I know

Media has built me

A lone individual

Think of the power

And how stupid you think I am

You are the ones buying

And framing me

It is easy with poetry styled to reflect a propagatory time in our history. Be aware when told to think, who has set the stage?

Could you really know

Innocence before guilt

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