Many articles about protests and stuff in the New York Times.

They make a great show of using journalistic ethics in their articles.

In the articles.

In the headlines.

Do you notice something missing?


Logical questions.


I share a lot of views/opinions with the New York Times

And when I agree, it is disappointing

They do not challenge me

Have they printed an article about the cops perspective?

Ewww, I shutter to even ask…

Or how many cops have been injured/murdered?

No, but they got you covered in tear gas

Choke on it!

Choke on subjective thinking…

I want information, I want to ask questions

a list of headlines show they only push one narrative

Journalism? Ha!

It doesn’t matter that I agree with their narrative

It ultimately serves to divide us

That is what they want

That is what they are selling


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