He Was A Normal Man

He was a normal man

Did his job

Came home and did “things”

Never once was he violent

In a fit of spoiled rage, when he was young, he would say to his parents “I hate you”

Although he never truly hated anyone

No he wasn’t a good man

He was a normal man

It was 8pm when he woke

He made breakfast

Had a shower

It was to be the first day back at work

He had been isolated for 5 weeks

Concerning himself only with world affairs

With “the news”

As he left his apartment that night

He found himself swept into the street amongst a crowd

A crowd yelling, waving flags, and signs

He was boxed in

He was always boxed in

His entire life was correction

Was fitting in, using the right language

His life was an adjustment

His personality, his beliefs

All dictated to him by his peers

He listened to the shouts

And slogans

He was boxed in

He was being told to obey

Always to obey

And now, he was late for work

He was boxed in

Ahead was a radio flyer

Trudging along carrying an amplifier and speaker

At the end of the chord, he saw the one

The one leading the shouts and slogans

He had had enough

He knew that his freedom was only a dream

It wasn’t the government, or the media

It was his peers

They wanted to make him

To own his every thought

He thought, “it’s over, it’s all gone”

In a fit of rage

With his passion focused on defying all that want to own him

He stripped the microphone from the leaders hand

And as fast as he could, he yelled into the microphone


And that was this man’s last moment of conscience

His climax of life

He was finally free

There was no malice in his expression

But he finally stood up

For once in his life he was standing up

Making himself the villain they feared him to be


He died

A normal man

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