Beyond Me

The moral of the story

I was told I told

Is that their is no right or wrong

The natural is old

We base our reactions

to what we pose as “evil,” or “good”

As a moral principle

But the reaction itself

Is chemical

As is action

I am perplexed as to inaction

Non being

And buck against it

As one should

I find myself wanting life

Losing the fight

Choosing good

I was told I told

I use moral indignation as an excuse

To get my way

I need to get away

In selfishness, is not the way

But before the curse

I never knew

A bunch of people

Relying on the “you”

We want to say me

But never should it be

We require each other

If we choose “to be”

That thought, he said

That question

We reel through the years

Catching a lesson

Those who create

Act as the gods

Man above earth

Watch for the fraud

Who loves with a cause?

It’s chemical

Useful as subliminal

Trapped in a mirage

Reality is critical

But they said they didn’t believe morality?

But acted as extreme

We need to see people as people

Leave pop narratives be

God set us free!

Why I believe I believe

But do not perceive

Is beyond me

It’s fictional

All to be said

We are the story

Write well

And give it a look

Put my name in “that” book… if you would?

Claiming a right to life

Absent of “good”

It would take ten hundred hundred generations

To know what one should

Time without end

If you find delight

It’s beyond me

Why powers bicker and fight

Show them the light

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