The “why are we different” musical bedtime song. (E, A, D)

Mommy? Why am I different?

Not same sex, color, or creed?

Why are we raised different, without unity?

Because we are born different

It is ours to be

Sharing a blessing from our perspective

This is why God made you and me

But mommy? Why should I be different?

That’s how they make judgement of me

How can I be different, and be the peace I want to see?

Baby we are all different

This is where we should agree

But life is tough business

It’s the stories we tell, that dwell in society

So baby, I have a secret to tell

Carry it well

You are the one who is different

And you do not have to play the game

Take this love inside, and never hide

Its ever burning flame

So, it is ok to be different?

I do not have to create enmity?

I take the flame, and give the same

Mommy, light this life with me

Blessed baby be…

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