“If the ship floats,” an experiment for junior academics in poly-sci-fi.

I’ve spent so much time

Encouraging others to write in the vote

“Insert joke”

If tested for mettle

Where would we stand?

Your education in who’s hand?

Time to test the blind

A vote, as a real scientist


Your education in who’s hand?

Figure out the lesson plan (hax)

Now I am seen

My gestures received obscene

Freedom taken by machine

With friends crying good riddance…

… to bad rubbish (meaning me)

1984 was a story

We are not fit for the part

Please have a heart!

“Insert joke”

One way to prove

If the ship floats

Recount the write-in votes…

Do you see yours in quotes?

What does it mean

When your “joke”

Was never counted at all?

A: This, or That

Has the law restricted

The testing of your hypothesis?

A: It has, or hasn’t, because x

“Why have you not done your homework?” Said Professor Woodward G.E.D.

“Sorry teach, we took the boat apart, then spent the rest of the time arguing what it was made of. We never tested for buoyancy.” A student replied.

At that moment, the phone rang. Professor Woodward G.E.D. picked up, listened for a moment, hung up, then left out of the classroom door; never to be seen again. Many suspected that the call came from the superintendent of schools. It was known, that the school district was intent on not allowing boys and girls to learn the functions of sea fairing vessels. Others thought, it was a colleague, more well learned than he (perhaps a B.S. or P.H.D.) telling him why his studies were unnecessary, and asking him to step down. A few even made his disappearance a joke, saying “he probably, finally, got laid and realized that boats are lame.”

We may never know,

Weird end

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