Free Speech (self censored)

Remember that “candy bar”


My friend Eric loved Caramello

I only wanted to talk about the “candy bar”

Because your not supposed to talk about it

But no one will understand wtf I’m talking about

I don’t either (tbh)

It is the same reason I yell


My American entitlement does not allow

Unnameable names

My common sense tells me

“Censor yourself with a candy bar”

My heart tells me

“Express your freedoms”

I’ve compromised

I certainly hope that no one will follow my example

I certainly hope that you will be strong enough

To be free

All news is lies

All lies are truth

Slavery is freedom

Ignorance is bliss

Candy bar without factual truth telling:

Don’t think I have a side

Or faction


George Carlin touches on my politic beliefs, in this video:

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