ALREADY (dear nephew)

My dear nephew

It was a different time

That created this time

I was powerless against it

And now we bear consequence

I was 20 years old when the towers fell

And now I’m nearly 40

I have been manipulated by every elite

Every corporation, non-profit, and media entity

Soon they will lock me down

Not for crime, or virus

They fear those that carry truth

(They call them lies)

I cannot tell you how to interpret the world

Just know, we are all wrong

THEY are all wrong

The only true weapon we have

Is loving kindness

The battle is for our souls

I pray for your safety

As a hypocrite I fear for my own

Most cannot stand the truth

It goes against the culture of product placement

So love them, even though we are all blind

The truth does not exist “on air”

It exists in our reaction to one another

It becomes corrupted in our willingness to suppress/dismiss ideologies counter to our own

For “safety”

For “safety”

We must strive to be true

We have no choice but to face the world

And the world wants our mind

Be safe my little soldier

Who is now a man

Train beyond your training

Focus beyond your breaking

And damnit, survive!

I have no wisdom to give you

If I did, well you know, I’m a hippie

Strive in love

Strive in understanding

Pain is thrust upon us all

You will make mistakes

You will heal

You are ALREADY a hero

(Don’t let it go to your head)

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