Ima Emu

There is a feeling

Depressionesque, maybe

An emotion?

There is a sadness

That’s hard to explain

When one has cast the world away

Then reaches to pull it back (for fear)

Finding the world as is

Clearly as ones own reflection

And it hits

That feeling that gave the feeling

Feeding upon self

Teaching rejection

And one casts the world away (for fear)

Then reaches out to pull it back

Rejection of rejection

How feel you about the reflection?

I think a lot about love

That’s why I’m depressed

I’m not saying I’m not shallow

I understand being shallow

That’s why I’m depressed

Of course I’ve never been shallow in practice

Or really ever had a relationship

That’s why I’m depressed

I don’t want pity, or any “so sad’s”

I want to be desired

That’s why I’m depressed

Frankly, I’d be suspect of what someone could see in me

But I long for someone to see it

That’s why I’m depressed

Lol, this is all so dumb

But I like doing it

So whatever

Ima emu

(Wait, those are the ones that cut themselves and listen to crappy music right? I get the flightless birds mixed up. Whatever, I ain’t no ostrich, and could never dress like a penguin.)

(Lol, I wonder if I’m as funny as I think, or just confusing. Oh well, I suppose the fool laughs at themself when the audience boos.)

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