Writing crappy stuff within seconds of being jarred awake from a dream

(firstly, I’d like to say, yes I know this is just scribbledy-gook)

(Secondly, why do all of my most powerful dreams end with me entering the wilderness, without anything, without looking back?)

(Lastly, I can see vividly, my dreams, but cannot really explain them. I do what I can. I’ll be back to writing better one of these days. Lol)

( i wrote at 3am within seconds of waking up. Sorry for the non editing. End post script explanation, which I fancifully put first because I’m hip)

(I’m hitting post and going back to sleep)

I hope my dream was not prophetic

If it was…

I wish I could tell the whole world,

“I love you!”

How do you keep an eye out for submarines from shore?

I guess there was a reason I was fleeing with nothing, barefoot in the snow, up the mountain; as the water in the fjord receded, down, down, like a rushing river. I knew the mountain may not be high enough to avoid the coming wave. Moving kept my mind off of my feet, my bare feet. If the blast caused it, the mushroom cloud before hand, the radiation would be close enough anyway… only a matter of time.

Was it a submarine I saw?

Not like I’ve ever seen… but it rose up from the sea in similar fashion. Was it itself taking to air, from sea? Or was it a tower of some sort on top? A rocket?

Why do I question the dream?

I should be sleeping…

Lol, cue big brother…

“Why do you question the dream? You should be sleeping”

And with that, I will say “goodnight”

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