Now I’m Getting In Trouble…

Mask mandates make no sense

And never have

If it is deadly, why would you ever approach it beneath a level three bio containment

Not governments, not policy


Lack of knowledge has made me mad

I hope you are better than me

Forgive me for saying

Businesses and homes should dictate their own mandates

The public will comply, or not, by use of its own will

If it is deadly, why would you barely match a level one or two?

We must not know

I have quarantined after every contact for over a year

Because I don’t know

What a hypocrite

I sit and mock


I want us to learn

To choose for ourselves

And understand it is our approaching others where we should assess… if we should change

Not political attempts to change others for our good

Risk management is tetchy

And we get mad huh?

Now I’m getting in trouble

What if I’m wrong

But I’ve been in a cabin

Been all alone

I guess I receive the data

And argue with my phone


It is weird to think about

Humans living in dirt

Next to piles of shit

For so much of our history

How mailable our genetics

And what exposures make us stronger

It’s weird to think about history

Before corporations governments and ai took over our genetics

Or am I weird?

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