Neurotic And Pacing

Neurotic and pacing

Asking in repetition

How do you bring about peace

Did they see?

I was talking to myself for hours


Would they be right to say I’m crazy

For wanting to stand up and take responsibility

To say enough is enough!

Life is hard, and being kind is simple

Am I naive?

Now I’m pacing

So much reality

So much need

Stoping the war is important

Disarming the bomb

Do they want the war?

Why am I pacing?

Am I stupid to think humans were smart?

That all that mathematics translated into something functional


Something you are excited to share!

This is stupid

I’m talking to myself and pacing

This does nothing

Children have been shot!

It matters!

Why with all the fucking bombs

And systems of control

But I’m stupid

A useful idiot swept into the sea of propaganda

And it drives me to talking to myself

And pacing

Always greedy to have my way

And see no more war

Or suffering

It is greedy, it is culture

I read a book a long time ago

I don’t remember what it was

The dude was talking to God at the scene of a Great War

“I don’t want this war”

So is this my nature?

Am I born to be tormented by the violent conflicts forced upon me in the reality?

Someone needs to step up and take responsibility

I don’t see anyone else doing it

But the question is how?

How do you treat others kindly

It is a personal decision, I can’t make people do it

That would bring war

And I’m pacing

This is my only life

And supposedly of no consequence

But this is my dream

Don’t drop the bombs

Don’t get the revenge kill

Be helpful

Seek help

I think I’m so damn smart huh?

I’m just foolish

I’m just scared of what I see coming

That everyone thinks could never happen

I’m pacing

Putting an end to conflict is real

What if this is really 1984

Does anyone want war

Or is it control

These thoughts are stupid

You are pacing

Ask the question

“How do we get them not to drop a bomb?”

Why are you worried about this?

You are alone in the woods

“Just because it’s not me being harmed doesn’t mean it’s not wrong. I’ve been against every war, that is my nature”

“Will you deny my being human?”

“Don’t murder”

“Don’t make legitimate excuses to kill to make it not murder; it’s murder”

Who are you the morality police?

Why should you get to tell people killing is wrong?

I’m pacing

I’m frustrated

When will peace be cool?

Are we dense?

Every smart person says war is inevitable

Doesn’t sound that smart to me

In fact, it sounds stupid

But what do I know

I’m just talking to myself

And pacing

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