Is this wrong to say?

This is a text I sent to someone. People who know me know I don’t view myself in high regard, people on the internet may not. Teach not attack, thank you for reading:

Lol, I’m a total pseudo academic. You guys realize, I actually believe what I say makes sense. Ha ha ha:

I often wonder if the YouTube comments I see are the same as what others read. Notice the “likes” and “dislikes” are disabled. I wonder if the majority of university students and graduates have an implicit bias towards acceptance, rather than skepticism, in regards to race issues.
Is their a correlation to skepticism and education experience? Does it depend on your field? Maybe negative to all these questions. But is it ok to be skeptical? Or does that make you an “other.” Does each and every person have to go through each point with which they agree and disagree, so we can accept one another and leave these issues behind, targeting specific instances of racism as they occur, in order to refine our society. It is no secret, keeping these issues at the for-front (is that a word?) of pop culture is big business $$$. (Vox itself creating this as a profit point, not a service) It also can not end because people need race issues in order to be elected. Notice the increase, not decrease, in segregation and violent crime across our society.

The individual is equal according to this individual; the individual is much more threatened by the faction; the faction is much more violent towards the individual; violence is amplified by the propaganda. Historians cherry picking factional history; happily leaving behind our shared heritage of being against slavery; possibly because of this Christian heritage being separate from the Christian claims made by slavers. = all Christians are X which is largely taught in the cultural sphere of our education systems; deny the enemy diversity to win the argument and control the ideology. (Anecdotally, the education systems and corporate media teach open bigotry to this group of people as acceptable bigotry; and the educated have trained themselves to accept this; thus erasing the value of people as individuals and relegating their identities to the bigoted perceptions of the faction.)

I’m not smart, but the actual academic sphere itself is increasingly guilty of inflammatory propaganda towards race relations. We all have behavioral psychology and with that we have a weakness that is clearly exposed. Does no one notice in this video their is not one hillbilly from a more remote area of our country? Why is this? Is it possible you may find them in disagreement without hate? Destroying the narrative. How about someone in the hood life in Atlanta? Would we find that they have more radical views? Maybe not. This stuff is dangerous for its lack of diversity. Diversity of perspective. The biggest problem we face with equality in our country, is equality in the application of the law, regardless of position or attribute. It harms some more than others. If our leadership over the past 40 years, who have been committing crimes, actually faced equal justice under the law, we could possibly have an opportunity to root out systemic issues. But we lack the ability to listen and converse over the crimes of our leadership because of the stress levels and hyper polarization that is popularized by our media systems. Remember psychology? Either psychologists don’t see their own limitations and bias, they don’t accept criticism of it, or they are openly manipulating, consciously or not, because of a feeling of power, or guiding, the realm of “reality.” Who doesn’t want to guide our collective ideals to a better tomorrow? I do, and I obviously only hold some portion of truth as an individual? Or am I attacked as some defined faction? We all know bigotry creates suffering, who doesn’t know that? What we don’t seem to recognize is the cultural phenomenon of open bigotry as acceptable because of our personal narratives.

Love you all, sorry I don’t make sense.

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