Dumb Guy Thinking (you’ve been warned)

I consider myself a pseudo intellectual

(Pseudo means fake right?)

As such I like to think about systems of ethics

(Or at least what I think that is)

I come up with all kinds of crazy stuff

For instance, my Three Pillars Of The Frontier

1 Own outright what you got

2 Create more than you need

3 Do not stand by while others suffer

I think of all kinds of stuff like this

(Animal Farm is a great book about the natural degradation of ethical systems)

But, yesterday, oh boy

I was watching C-Span

Did you know that the Senate operates under rules that they set forth themselves?

Committee rules etc.

You probably did know that, but…

Did you also know that they can vote to wave the rules when they don’t like them

To apply later when they do


I laugh because it is so obviously stupid

And unethical

Either get rid of the rule

Or apply it

Or do we all get to pick and choose when to, and when not to, follow whatever laws we choose?

Why even have a legislature?

I swear! I think they are either outright evil

Or they’ve been in the political environment so long

They are blind

Probably some of both

I’ve read a bunch of stuff in my life

A bunch of stuff I do not understand

One time I read this game theory study

I cannot even pronounce the names of these people

Let alone broach the subject at their level

But the short of it was

Leading by example is the most effective

And productive

Form of leadership

Anyway, I’m just a dumb guy

Who continually fails at being moral

(Maybe I should be a Senator? Ha!)

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