Solutions to Apocalyptical Equations, Circcumstances, and Invasions, Part One: 30-Ate-21

Solutions to Apocalyptical Equations, Circcumstances, and Invasions, Part One: 30-Ate-21

By Ashtree and Linseed

On top of the mountain
Fighting with cloud
Life is a mystery
Threaded in seem


the dog is a cabin
in a hermit’s abode
an outdoor commode
and endless tail grabbin:

what makes nature howl
as much as a joke
from inside an owl
for Chang’e’s folk


Spinning wheel
Dog up roots
Hermits trade poems
Hidden economy


Hidden ecomomy
unjust ergonometry
Anne had five fingers
but a sixth still lingers

runners of ions
and silly armadas
seas of by-gones
and empty Ramadas

where oh where,
will Earth lie next?
Chang’e’s hair
found in a text!


Very few; for self
A seed; becomes A seed
A nail; pierces the trunk
Falling trees; lie and laugh


Falling trees; lye and laff—
fur curves, cow moon,
pirate mouse and double loon,
rapt bird, Dis’s Staff:

random things make Chang’e laugh

stalling trees and falling stars,
like violin strings for fallen czars—
eclipsing me is not a thing:
Chang’e’s crescent is a ring


Pollen pebbled path
Honeyed bitter tea
Sitting cup touched
With sun tree searches
For phone

More in the top
What is not got
Under the abyss


hook baiting—
what’s the point?

Chang’e’s board:
pass me that joint!

Carpentry? Fishing?
just “what-if” wishing!

Apocalypses are real—
so what’s the deal
with these taxes?
Go get your axes,
and chop round tables,
pie charts, and mare stables!


Two saw half moon
Under sun
Beyond the pyramid
Hermit fun
Monkey seek fruit
Beyond cherubim
Rose hip hipster
Unpackaged gift
Beyond a reader
Hermits live this

Behind eyes of zen
Unscene master
Dog walks
Real life


real life
walks dogs
feeds hogs
and loses wife

dirt farm
what a charm
of banks
and lunar pranks

no need
for greed
with deeds
carried in seeds

O, Monsanto?
Wherefore Art, thou?
Not in a cow,
nor a hen,
nor a sow
within her pen…

but a cut
in the rut
where our wagons
came un-trained


Fish had a pole
Dribble and droll
How boring to insult life

Now and then
Scene in friend
I knot hare; rabbit

The whole is the mistress
Jester laughed witness
Nonsense and business


Nonsense and business
bees knees and nine cents—
the economy’s a chalk outline
while hermits take the out-lyin’

eccentrics and erratics
are orbits and asteroids,
knot mystics and ecstatics
or dogs and androids

Sing, Goddess,
The Fall of Facebook!!!
A.I.’s oddest
the apple-Miss took!

Oh Snake!
Oh Owl!
Hiding beneath
that slithering cowl!

“No monks allowed!”
The heretics cow’d,
and milk pales all tipped over;
Chang’e cried aloud
and the maidens all bowed—
at the yip of a lunar rover

Calypso it’s true
sees right through you,
tied to a lunar dragon;
twice is blue,
but thrice is right through,
kick the ox and not the wagon!


Before walked past
The master’s staff
Knowing it’d soon be relevant

“You know what’s funny ‘bout that?”
“I eat poems”
Thanks to the baker;
Art [fart joke here]

Chuckling pines
Atop sandal-foot
Moss loves laughter
Chirping dogs too

Maid by reality
Keep hold deep root
Idols and judge
Create words for “justice”

-Still- we walk
Giving up dreams
Future is better
Taken these things

Pinecone chalice
Drunk under canopy
Sword has been drawn
“They” temped…
Roll stone after we

“Laughter captures”
Said Falling Tree


Said Falling Tree:
“What about me?
This yellow ribbon
is fit for a gibbon!”

“Why can’t you plane
straight in your lane?
monkeys with trees:
always down on their knees!”

O, Tree Lady!
Give me a banana!
And a blue bandana!
And I’ll wing those
cloud troups home!

“Measuring ohms
in kite string keys,
and garden hose
with monkey pleas!”

I’ll never stop
not till I drop
at the feet
of this lovely Tree!

“Don’t begin again,
my monkey friend—
guest-host and xylem
lead to th’Aslyum!”

“Take the phloem
into the Lake:
a green sword poem
named dragon-slake!”

“Stick it in
and don’t pull out—
something Arthur never
figured out!”

“Lances are made
of wooden maids;
but take it from a tree:
don’t laugh a Lot—
they always come
for dogs named Spot!”

“Monkeys cry with
glistening knees,
listening to bees
and hearing honey—
this always happens
when hermits lose money!”

Tree Lady! Your back!

“Is the same as my front!
You monkey brain
with an elrphant’s trunk!”

Tree lady, I need a cane!

“Old monkeys: such a pain!”

Tree Lady, I hobble a long!

“Better a short, when it comes to retorts!”

Tree Lady, tell me true…

“Yes, my monkey dearest?”

Tree Lady, shoot me through…

“Tell me, what do banana-lovers fearest?”

Tree Lady, who is that snake
coiled about your nape?

“Oh—this little old thing?
How ’bout we call it
‘Athena’s ring’?”

Tree Lady, these banana peels
strewing the ground…

“Are always how she
brings it down!”

Tree Lady, Tree Lady—
why are there birds?

“How else was I gon-na teach
monkeys words?”

Tree Lady, Tree Lady—
what ’bout that fruit?

“Better than primates
in birthday suits!”

The banana was over,
and all through her house,
nothing was ‘Sir!’ing,
not even her spouse:
a monkey asleep
at the root of her tree,
still dreaming of Mary
her dove number three


Autistic, artistic
“What’s the difference?”

Flush with rain water
Right now
Have a quart or two
Follow the sun home
Watch the trailing moon


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