3 Thoughts At Random

A Moment Gone

After a time

Contending to do

Aware of what does

Or at least seemed

After a time

Behind Closed Eyes

Sawn a thing

Ain’t a thing

For one ring

But atop

I lie


Eyes pierce senses

Above beautiful lips

To offer more

But only quips…

To be divine

In lovingness

A glove, a hand, a cheek

No more than Shakespeare speak

Falter at her blink

“Save me!

Before I sink”

If you kiss me, I’m still a toad…

Leave me now, beside this road

Your gracious hair, and face

Given comfort to an abandoned space

But mustn’t be disgraced…

Although blind, I know you’re there

Just the thought is unfair

For this rose is naught but thorn, and

Perfumed petals are the honey’s norm

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