Dumb Little Tradition (no edits, super rough draft, it’s pretty bad yall)

Crunch! The snowshoes pushed down the frozen layers of snow

A traveler marching through an open yard within the forest

Towards the humble home

Knock knock knock

The door opens, standing in the warm threshold of the hearth lit home, an elder man

“Hi, long time no see”

Hello, said the traveler, I’ve come to bring a gift of tradition

“Very well”

Please take this branch

This branch represents peace

No matter what it’s destiny

Be it thrown aside to become the humus of the woods

Be it burned to warm your bones

Or hung in honor, until the pines fall away and the bough rots

No matter how you dissect its nature scientifically

Nothing can change it’s nature and purpose

Its common cause

Just as we cannot change ours

This branch represents that common cause; That of peace

I must be going now friend, the darkness is upon us

“Until next year!”

The door shuts behind him

The snow crunches underfoot

The traveler walks back through the wilderness singing…

“We shall overcome… someday”

A tear frozen to his cheek

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