Frog Visits The Hot Pot; back in the lower 48

(crappy writing, just an outlet)

I left my cabin…

I want to go back to my cabin…

This is sheer madness !!

Even the smart people are dumb

Can you please quit complying!

Quit believing such obvious lies!

Of course not, its not obvious, if you can’t criticize

It’s gotta be me…

I’m the enemy

Not the last shred, of what was once, “sanity”




You still die!

For the broadcast of fear

Stole truth from the eye

The 0.8% amplified

…The fingers are pointed at me…

I’m the new “enemy”

In a homeland, no longer mine

For my face, I refused to hide

Told by family, not to stand up

“Why waste the time”

I’m losing my mind

In my cabin again, I long to hide

But my fate is entwined

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