Woke Up (rough, rough, rough draft.)

(I just woke up from a dream, this is an attempt at writing it down right away. But writing down your dreams is really hard to do. This is not a commentary, this is an honest attempt at recollection. Sorry for the crappy way it is written)

Walking into the cityscape

Three of us hauling a trashcan

A trashcan full of empty tins and garbage

Bombs falling on the horizon

Walking into the cityscape

Through buildings and weary weak people

Weak people all around, starving

No one seemed to bother us

We pour out the garbage can in their midst

We turn to leave

As the hordes gather around the worthless trash in desperation

We walk away from the cityscape

Back the way we came

Wary not to get to close

Avoiding those with the brown blotches

The plague on their skin

Careful, lest we contract the illness

We march away from the desperation

Back the way we came

Overhearing one sickly figure say to the other…

“At least we have Trump, what do you have? Bernie Sanders?”

I recognized then, that no one could actually see their surroundings

They thought they were free

Free of the war and poverty

Free of the disease, starvation, and death

I was jealous of their hope, their hope in change to come

And I was astonished by the effectiveness of the deception

That one politician could save them

From the current events happening all around

(This is when I woke up, went to the bathroom, then began writing this down. Good morning, I think I’m going to cherish my coffee today, after I thank God for this moment that I have. For every moment that I have. For this relative ease, and my morning meal. Be well strangers. Thank you for reading me over these many years.)

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