Bad Penmanship (the lost art of cursive or the letter)

Dear Grandma,

I haven’t been good at keeping in touch for the past 21 years.

I was a shit as a child, and never much learned to be empathetic to the needs of my family.

Keeping in touch, and writing, is an art form.

I never did do traditional education well. Putting punctuation proper etc. all seems arbitrary to my understanding.


I’ve done some cool things in my life of rebellion. I’m a romantic at heart, although I’ve yet to find my love…

I’ve lived as a homeless person for a time

Staying near to the ministry

I’ve lived in a tent here and there

I also got to be the sole resident of a mansion in a village in the French alps

Where I road a bicycle through the village and introduced myself to all I could

I’d take a train to Geneva on the weekends, and had a flat that was two blocks inland from the fountain.

I even took my girlfriend to Paris for the weekend. We walked the entire city!

I backpacked throughout Chile

And lived in a dry cabin for 12 years in Alaska

I’ve played music, written poems, painted

But my favorite thing is singing and telling stories around the bonfire

I’ve done a lot of selfish living over the years

But the greatest adventure, is that which I’ve eluded

I hope the next chapter is a love story

But true to the greatest drama

Will it’s conclusion be a happily ever after?

Will I be a “him” to a “her”

Could that I endure the endless drama of children

And always have an ear for the foolishness of children when they become adults

Will I become the hero of the homestead

To be found toiling over plow once again?

I find that most people, in our family, and others, have their heroes and heroines.

They are usually known as grandparents, and they too live a life of great adventure.

Toiled with plow, to make way for many a life to know love.

As so much time has passed, many things are hard to recognize, or even stomach.

But one thing hasn’t changed over the years, that is our blessings.

You are our blessing Grandma. And thank you for it.

A parlor and a plum tree, a garden and a yard, a family and a teaspoon, blueberries from the yard, a high chair for the young ones, big table for the old, a touch of sherry or glass of gin, if ever one were so bold?!

A game of bridge, gambled over with a stamp, I love you grandma! Signed your grandson, the merry tramp 🙂

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