They are all around

I heard a thing

“That’s what they said”


“They are just like that“

I’ve said it before

An I’ll say it again


Is that the name?

I don’t remember

Who are they?

Were “they” ever there at all?

You bet your ass they were

“That’s just what “they” want you to think”

A young person

In the academy on the moon

Looks up to earth from their dome

Takes out their wizard wand

With a tear in their eye

And a heart aching with compassion

Recites their incantation

Today they will be successful

Today they will prevent war…

Expecto memorus returnus

Openus oculus

Comprehendus historus

Peacious firstus timis

Rendious repeatus historus


Thanks for being cool strangers

I wish you well

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