5 years

Five years of blogging

At least I did a little something

Kinda inconsistently

Millennial achievement


Happy five years of writing random words



I hereby award myself with an award

Let’s call it the…

Monkey With A Typewriter Award

(Not that I am as good as some monkeys, by all means no! It is based off of a metaphor for randomness type stuff; probability. I have no qualms with any real monkeys with typewriters, I’m sure they are fine writers.)

(In this day and age, I am forced to reflect upon wether, or not, there is actually a Monkey With A Typewriter Award out there somewhere. I’m laughing as I add this statement: Although I’m giving myself this award, I am no way associated with any corporate body holding a trademark over a Monkey With A Typewriter Award. I find it a sad state of affairs that I could be held criminally liable for awarding myself with what was seemingly my own idea… Anyway, as far as I know, I made up the award. Feel free to give yourself one, I won’t hold you to liabilities for it. It is a random award.)

Congratulations songbird!

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