Frog Visits The Hot Pot; back in the lower 48

(crappy writing, just an outlet) I left my cabin... I want to go back to my cabin... This is sheer madness !! Even the smart people are dumb Can you please quit complying! Quit believing such obvious lies! Of course not, its not obvious, if you can’t criticize It’s gotta be me... I’m the enemy … Continue reading Frog Visits The Hot Pot; back in the lower 48

Big Words

Neuroscience failsWhen it failsTo understand the failuresOf psychological operationsOn the social psyche One cannot justifyStaying the courseWhen it leads the whole worldOver the edge Is there no such thingIn the places of powerAs the powerOf being honest? Or perhapsNo ethicsIn scientific method? Hidden forever from true discovery…

2nd Print

An open bookOr victimIt is the oppressionOne reasons with themselvesTo allow done to another No one can truly understand youThis I knowNot knowing myselfNo cause I could carryCould carry you justly People are significantThat’s my world viewEvery moment one to giveIt’s unjust; our fearUsed to terrorizeIn action IYour passionate victimAddicted to beautyBeseech wisdom(Beyond any mans … Continue reading 2nd Print