[I ran out of time, beware! Inane rambling below]

I have been told I am negative. I have been told I am a good person. How come I don’t agree with either sentiment?

When I make a statement of fact about the character of others, I am kind. About myself? Not so much.

But to get on topic, or title (which I am told you should never write first, but it was on my mind). Negativity; what is it about circumstance that makes one want to feel, and express such harsh emotion? The catalyst is obvious; it is the pain and suffering the world endures, or perpetrates, which we carry in our psyche.

I can only express what I have come to understand through my limited experiences, and there is a world of experiences out there; So what can an individual say? “I am Me too, just like you.” “To heal myself, is for you to be healed.” How can billions of people have honorable lives? Most importantly, together?

Someone once told me, and I’m not sure if its true, that a multitude of particular squiggly things (maybe particles, or organisms of some sort) will change, move, adapt, or the like, all in unison. Sounds awesome don’t it?


A Poem From My Youth

Devise a plan

A formidable scheme

Plot a path

Revive a dream


Devour the doubt

Lay waste to nays

Lessen the hurt

Learn new ways


The path is clear

Strength a song

Take the steps

Meet the dawn

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