Thanks For Being Cool Sunshine

((I will learn to use this web thing and post links and stuff, OH YES! I will….. …..eventually))

This particular story girl, blessed me with acknowledgement

I wanted to repost, but have never been good with assignment

Her other nominee, has an awesome hand

I wish I knew how to link and stuff, but I’m a pencil pushing man


And a novice at that, but

In MindWorld, writing is a tool for abstract expression. We could dictate our writing with clear intent and structure, which works well, is good, and I would recommend if your getting paid, BUTT <—Big Butt()() MindWorld is about the creativity that comes from the moment; It is an environment for growth; It is a tool to become a writer; It is IMAGINARY


…Um, what was I talking about? …Oh yeah!


A Little About Gratitude

I have a cat! A big fat black cat! He’s coo!

I have a family! A big fat white family! They coo!

Rather, they have me! It’s cool though

We all live around the sun,

Thanks for being cool sunshine


((I wonder what having a thesis is like? Or, maybe? I dun had one mer times then I knew and jus dint no’it))

Could you imagine getting paid By the word for your writing? Whatever happened to the concise being beautiful? (Maybe I’m the only one who likes concisity?) ((the word conciseness sounds stupid to me for some reason)) I suppose that is what makes great novels though. Take a three letter statement like, “I love you,” now expand that to 500 pages or so, (not that easy) and BLAMBO BABY! You got your self a masterpiece. But, tell someone you love them, (also not that easy) and BLANGO YO! You got yourself an experience. Now cross what is considered masterful writing, with fulfilling experience. Wow! That is way above my pay grade. What do you think?

What will become your masterpiece?

What will be your ultimate experience?



Thanks for being cool,

It is fun to imagine,

Have fun!



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