Dr. Dooropeningfoodgivingsnuggler Opens The Door

Mr Kittenface called out to Dr. Dooropeningfoodgivingsnuggler, “Dr. Dooropeningfoodgivingsnuggler! Open the door, open it, open-meow!”

Dr. Dooropeningfoodgivingsnuggler rose to his feet and began lumbering towards the door.

Mr. Kittenface, who was use to maneuvering around large bipeds, trodded along calling out, “open-meow!”

Dr. Dooropeningfoodgivingsnuggler seemed to not pay any attention to Mr. Kittenface’s commands, and walked right past the door down the hall.

Mr. kittenface overcome with a mixture of confusion and frustration, scratched at the door ferociously, crying out “open-meow, Meow!”

Upon hearing the clawing at the door, and with a loud sigh, Dr. Dooropeningfoodgivingsnuggler came back and did as he was bade.

As the door swung open Mr. Kittenface acknowledged his servant with a glance and galloped outside….

…To Adventure!!!

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